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The EZ Marketing System represents decades of experience in internet marketing. Combined with roughly 2 decades of experience serving dozens of EZ Dock dealers and distributors - we have created a powerful system that is fast, easy, and effective. Whether you are on a tight budget or are are looking for aggressive growth - we have a solution perfect for you.


We have been working with EZ Dock dealers for a very long time. Our dealers are mostly from the United States but we do have several international clients as well. Over time, we found ourselves having the same kinds of discussions, answering the same types of questions, solving the same types of problems, and running into the same challenges with many of our EZ Dock clients. It didn't take long for us to figure out that most EZ Dock dealers have (roughly) the same core set of needs. To address those needs, we spent the last 3+ years working out the details of how to get the job done properly, then how to wrap it up into a single package ... a "system" that we can easily and inexpensively deploy for our clients.


We believe most EZ Dock dealers and distributors share many of these common challenges:

  • There's never enough time to do everything. Heck, in peak season I bet you often feel there's not enough time to do almost anything.
  • Let's face it, if you give a mediocre effort, you get mediocre results. Putting a website online and letting it sit there, hoping it'll attract new clients just doesn't work very well. There's more that needs to be done and you know it. Nonetheless, the website has been sitting there for far-too-long, accomplishing far-too-little.
  • EZ Dock is a great product but you REALLY wish you had better sales materials, photos, brochures, etc. What's more, you REALLY wish you had someone in the office that would send all this stuff out for you when you get a new lead. If we're being really honest, you wish that same person would (in an appropriate manner ) keep in contact with each of these leads, building a relationship with them, and eventually turning them all into customers ... but chances are, you're the best sales person you have and you're busy doing everything ... so anyone not ready to buy right now is probably not followed-up with very well.
  • You probably don't really give a whoot about social media but you have a sense that there MAY be a way to use it to sell ... but there's just not enough time (see point number 1 above) ... and you really aren't sure how to even go about doing it - even if there was more time. So, there goes yet another day, another month, another year where you just haven't gotten around to focusing on this properly.
  • What you really need is a team of dedicated experienced marketers but obviously the cost of having an entire marketing team just would never work. Could you imagine what you could do with an experienced marketing strategist that lays out the entire plan and makes sure it all gets done? Add a great web designer and someone else who constantly manages your search engine ranking (and all those 100+ directory listings), another person who shoots photos and videos and makes great pdf sales sheets, someone else who handles all your social media "stuff" and your whole business would change. If only you could afford all of that.


Have you ever gone to a mechanic to have one thing fixed only to get the car back and find out (almost) right away that something else is also wrong with it? Don't you wonder how they "missed" that? It's the difference between doing only what your asked to do ... and actually caring. That's where we come in.

We understand how the ENTIRE PROCESS works. A great looking website is not enough. Great search engine ranking is a wonderful thing ... but it is also not enough. There are many "moving parts" to be successful with your internet marketing ... and we pay attention to each one. In fact, we set higher standards for our performance than most of our clients would ever dream of setting for us.

For this reason, you will notice that each of our packages comes with a monthly "conversation". You can call it consulting, you can call it coaching, you can call it a status and reporting call. However you wish to think about it is fine, but we know it is an invaluable piece to the overall success of your marketing plan. Whether you as the business owner and/or a key employee are the one(s) on the monthly call - we help you to understand what is going on, how to make things even better, and what the next steps will look like. One of the major areas of focus is in Success Management. What happens when your website traffic increases by 400% and you start getting dozens of website leads when you used to go months without any? How are you going to successfully handle the new demands? Well, we help you with strategies and tactics for these new "problems" and a whole host of others.

We take our role very seriously as your partner in your future success. We arm you with all of the best tools, we make sure everything is deployed and running properly, and we help you manage everything as your business grows.

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